The passion for authenticity, love for family and tradition translate into this handcrafted, slow-drying and bronze-drawn pasta that was born with the VENTIGRANI brand.


The Ancient Romans arrived in Campania region and were enchanted by the beauty of landscapes and fertility of soil and they called it Campania Felix. It’s just here where we were born that us, the three brothers Luigi, Agostino and Fortuna, together with our dad Antonio, decided to start our new adventure: TERRE ROMANO. Retracing our grandparent’s path, following our long family farming tradition, respecting the equilibrium of ground is the way to strengthen our roots and bonds with our family. This homemade pasta, branded VENTIGRANI is the result of our love for good food and our authenticity, simplicity and warmth. Because pasta is family. Pasta is family.

Our Farm

VENTIGRANI because it was born in Venticano, a place of production, known for the winds that blow between the hills and valleys and which make this grain so special and unique in the world.

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