The passion for authenticity, love for family and tradition translate into this handcrafted, slow-drying and bronze-drawn pasta that was born with the VENTIGRANI brand.

The Earth, the water, the sun...

Our farm TERRE ROMANO is situated in the inland area of Campania Region, between the provinces of Avellino and Benevento, a sun-drenched area for most part of the year, where winds blow among hills and valleys. The mild climate, the bounty of the soil give us a very special wheat, unique in the world. All these characteristics of the terroir make our pasta VENTIGRANI one of a kind. These peculiarities of the territory make VENTIGRANI pasta a special and inimitable product.


The ancient Romans arrived in Campania and were captivated by its beauty and the fertility of the soil and called it Campania Felix. It is precisely in this land that our family with TERRE ROMANO decides to start with its production of PASTA, the sovereign food of the Mediterranean diet.
The TERRE ROMANO farm, although young, wanted to retrace a path traced by the grandparents, in the wake of the long family tradition of cultivation of the land, in full respect of the balance and timing of Nature.

Our Farm

VENTIGRANI because it was born in Venticano, a place of production, known for the winds that blow between the hills and valleys and which make this grain so special and unique in the world.

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