The passion for authenticity, love for family and tradition translate into this handcrafted, slow-drying and bronze-drawn pasta that was born with the VENTIGRANI brand.

Our Farm

In such a difficult moment for world economy, the family Romano, a family of entrepreneurs from Campania region with more than 50 years of experience, decides to continue the long family tradition creating the farm Terre Romano. The challenge is to produce high quality pasta, paying attention to raw materials – 100% Italian ancient durum wheat, grown in their own fields – and, at the same time, to manufacturing processes – innovative technologies and environmental protection.


The supreme food of Mediterranean diet comes from two simple ingredients: water and semolina. The pasta VENTIGRANI, brand of the company TERRE ROMANO, is the product of the right combination of these two elements. Research of the most innovative farming techniques, respect of rhythms of Nature, selection of best wheat, advanced technology of manufacturing equipment: each step is important to make a pasta with a good taste but even better for environment.



Società Agricola Terre Romano s.r.l.

st. Selva snc, Castello di Cisterna (NA), 80030
P.IVA: 09857071212

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